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Review: Sliquid Organics gel

Sliquid Organics gel is a long-time favourite of mine – it was my first ‘real’ lube beyond the crap they sell in Victoria’s Secret, and my only lube for a long time.  I’ve branched out a little in the past year or so, but this still remains a firm favourite.

Check out my product review at EdenFantasys.

product picture
Lubricant by Sliquid LLC

cabbages and kings

After much debate, now that I’ve started reviewing sex toys for EdenFantasys, I decided to set up a second blog just for that.  My original intention was to put everything on one blog, but Nirvana turned into something more of a book blog than I’d originally intended.

Splitting them out seems to make the most sense, so that people who don’t want to read about sex toys can still read book reviews, and people who don’t want to read book reviews can still read about sex toys.

Those who like both… well, I’m sure we can figure something out.